Saturday, April 21, 2012


LORD JAKEVREELAND is now Lord & Overseer of this Blog.  His whim is law.  The EMPIRE is his.
Let this be the last of my decrees.


Friday, April 20, 2012

NEWS of the boring, personal nature

Those of you who subscribe to my blog - all 20 of you - may have noticed that i have essentially stopped posting over the past month or so.  The reason for this is because I am leaving on Monday to begin a position in Alaska on one a firefighting crews.  Physical training  have unfortunately taken up the time in my life that would normally be reserved for long, meandering thoughts on Role-Playing Games
As of April 23, this blog may or may not become largely defunct until August or September or later.  Rest assured, I won't forget about the roleplaying world, and will return in a few months overflowing with enthusiasm and whatever
In the mean time, I hope to pass the DUNGEON SMASHING EMPIRE torch to one of my most trusted associates and partners-in-crime.  He is a game designer, with outstanding ideas that are very much in line with the material already present on this website.  Should he choose to do so, you may see articles from him appear here from time to time, whenever he is so inclined.  I would love, someday, to see DUNGEON SMASHING EMPIRE blossom into a true creative partnership, with several "staff" writers contributing work to a shared, cohesive mythos or series of mythoses.

Thank you to all 20 of my readers.  Keep gaming, and keep your games wild