Friday, September 29, 2017



A Pukel Stone has toppled in the middle of a Pukel Ring, creating a Phlogiston Weep.  Slithely energy has pooled in a basin
in the center of the circle, fractally dissolving all who come in contact.  Its unseemly radiance has also likely attracted
inimical beings, such as Vampires, Yrexils, Scourges, or Moths.

The stone must be righted.  In addition, 1 Pukel Pole has fallen and a further two have fallen into the Weep and been disintegrated.

To fully repair the Circle, the Slithe Seep must be banished or somehow diverted or destroyed.  The Stone must be righted,
and the proper abeyances observed.  The toppled Pole must be righted, in the correct position.  And 2 more Poles must be carved and planted.

A Pole must be made of Green Ash, and carved with a knife of carbide.  Pikel the Smith might be able to forge such a blade,
but will require ore from the Crook-Back Stoop.  It must be dipped in the River Kos, then rubbed with ochre, rust, and red blood.
All craftsmanship must be of the highest quality.

Once the circle is repaired, a Pukel Man will animate (before, he appears only to be a half-buried white boulder.)
He will defend the circle from Bleed-Throughs, Free Energy, Entropists and such, and will work to keep the circle neat and

If a Character is a Priest of Kos or else a Mechanist/Archaist who can properly activate the runes of the Pukel Stone,
the Pukel Man will become loyal and will follow you around, helping you in any way it can until destroyed.

Pukel Man (Stone Automaton, mindless, sacred to god Kos)
Armor: 22
HP: 53
Attack: 2 Fists +3, 2d6+3 damage each