Sunday, January 10, 2016

ran a moria/dwarf fortress dungeon called Nekutlibash

in Kos.  Reminders:
- orcs often repurpose treasure into body jewelry/modification, ie stolen dwarf earrings become nipple rings, coins are pushed into scars, jewel is forcibly embedded in forehead, lines of dwarven rings surgically embedded in arms as both protection and ostentation, teeth replaced with shaped gems, cutlery pushed through dangly bits, missing eye replaced with gem, etc..  so yes, you should be checking the fucking bodies.  missed a lot of grisly treasure.
- light vs time is by far most important consideration in the Deeps
- orcs and goblins and bugbears are all the same fucking thing just give em a couple extra/less hitpoints/attack if they're huge or don't, and describe them all confusingly (thanks prof. Tolkien and Ian Miller)
- importance of having only about 50-75% of encounters hostile

a few other unsorted thoughts:
- the river kos at times floods with blood, a so-called "bloodflood".  During these times, everyone must take extreme care to avoid water contamination, communicable diseases run rampant and when all is said and done the shores reek for weeks
- the Dark Pines is a huge forest that has failed horribly.  its patron forest god is pale and corrupt.  now it is swarming with necromancers and dotted by their towers.  Agni-Magni, Fire-God and Giver of Rings lives in the southern portion.  Thrundunmunn, City of the Endless Crusade lies to the North.  Their forest-wardens speak little and stare much.