Thursday, November 30, 2017


A High Level Adventure in Kos

The IRON LORD's tower is in the Ruined Pines.  He is the Giver of Rings.  He alone controls fire, iron, strategies, gemstones, fire, alchemy, and swordplay.  He is the enemy of the Undead.  All secrets are sworn in his name, wilfully or no. 

His forest is the burned pines. Deathlords make their towers tall. The only people who roam the Ruined Pines are known as the Ghost Swords... but they are few, and they are seen seldom.

In ancient times, it was healthy.  But the Lord of Iron went to war with the Solar Empire.  This was a big mistake for both of them.
Sun troops infiltrated the IRON TOWER and placed a beacon atop it, which called in orbital strikes from the Sun.
The Dark Pines were destroyed, and the Iron Lord was horribly burned.  He has never been seen without his armor since.
The Sun Empire celebrated their victory, but 10 years later they were destroyed by a pathogen.  Only  an outpost in Barbarian Prax survived, which is now called Sun County.
Now, nobody goes to the Ruined Pines or the Blackened Tower.

Sure, you could go there, and kill him for his treasured secrets.  But he is also the God of Justice. Will you undo Justice in the broken land of Kos?  Or will you take its place?
Can you bear the burdens of a Death God?