Wednesday, May 18, 2016


But Dungeon S., I Hear You Cry, What Are the Sun Countries Like?

Several Male Warrior-Slaves Survey the Land

Sun Country is a land far away, to the other side of the Animal Lands.  There, the Sunfolk sacrifice to Azi Dahaka, terrible Sky-God of Horses and Serpents.  They are a rigidly matriarchal and theocratic society, where non-noble non-women are considered chattel.  The men and other slaves are forced to build many pyramids to honor a vast, intricate hierarchy of celestial beings.
You can swap the genders if you want, it doesn't matter.  If the women are in charge, they make the men grow absurdly long beards which are chained to their feet.  If the men are in charge, they make the women grow long hair filled with clinking trinkets so they can't sneak away.  If a different gender is in charge they lord it over everybody else.

The horses of that land are tawny-haired and renowned for their ability to stare into the sun for many hours without blinking.  The Princess of Horses lives in Sun Country, and is much feared for her venomous tongue, and for intentionally setting brushfires.

Do Not Fuck With the Princess of Horses

The Sunfolk are known for their fearsome Hoplites, who wear thick armor of gold and bronze.  They are among the most disciplined and tireless killers in the World.  They gain power from the sun, and are nearly impossible to dislodge while the sun gleams on their broad shoulders.

The Sunfolk despise the free-wheeling Animal Tribes, and consider them subhuman.  The lowly tuber - symbol of Nomad independence - is reviled and scorned in the Country of the Sun.  Corn, obviously, is the staple crop of the Sunfolk.  Potato-eaters are rounded up by the state police, secretly tried, and publicly killed.  This is considered necessary to protect the state from sedition and sabotage - slaves are, after all, cheap and readily replenished in war.  Death is the only punishment in Sun Country, but it comes in 1,000 different rigidly-proscribed forms.

Sunfolk are copper-skinned and robust, considered handsome by most other tribes.  Their temperament is sanguine.  The men are stoutly-muscled, and the women buxom.  Their hair is bright red-gold.  Free people shave their heads, that the sun may better shine on them and fill them with power.  Hats are unknown.  The men generally grow elaborate beards.