Sunday, October 1, 2017


Semi-Sapient (?)

The Yeti is a powerful, flesh-hungry creature common to all lands and climes.  They are distinguished by their natural biome, so Forest Yeti, Mountain Yeti, Island Yeti, etc.  Each has different powers associated with them.


HD: 2x that of Character with most HP
Rend & Tear: 2 attacks
Strangulation: If Both attacks land, auto damage next round
Grotesque Strength: +8 to all strength-related things

"MOUNTAIN YETIS!  PROTECT THE MULES!"- you must make a reflex save when attacked by yetis when in their native territory. DC 15  anybody who doesn't make it is flat-footed for the first round of combat and the yetis appear, travelling fast, very nearby.  If you make it you have time for 1 command & 1 attack before the yetis are upon you...
Magic-Sensitive: Cannot attack if you perform the Ritual of Safe Travel, or the Ritual of Safe Rest

Forest Yeti
Swamp Yeti
Desert Yeti
Mountain Yeti
Cave Yeti
Coastal Yeti - worshiped by swimmers
Tundra Yeti
Road Yeti
Savannah Yeti
The Yeti of the Peninsula - Radioactive, immune to choking/poison
Shadow Yeti - deadliest of all, some serve Maglubiyet the Insane, others the dark lords of the underworld.  They tread lightly the skein of life & death

Do you have any quests for us?

in all cases just adjust to roughly align with PC's numbers and skill

  1.  You could prove yourself of great worth by the slaying of beasts.  We would appreciate your slaying (or capture) of a colossal werewolf/rogue automaton/mutant tiger-dog/mongrelman pack
  2. Disbanded mercenaries threaten our supplies and breeding adults.  Protect us by gathering an altruistic band of misfit soldiers.  In return, we will reward you with all the breeding tokens you could ever want.
  3. A group of predatory White Apes / bandits / disbanded mercenaries / Crocodile Folk demands ransom.  Bring them the treasure, or else kill them all, but above all bring us the hostage
  4. We have a ghost problem.  Banish the ghost from a local barn, and we'll reward you with citizenship/foolish footlings longing for a leader/all the fresh food you can eat for 3 days.
  5. Insane decrepit with claw scars informs you of something stealing bodies from graves... from beneath.
  7. Implicit with our hospitality has been the assumption that you will gather a bushel of the Spase Bush / Moon Radishes / Electric Ferrets
  8. Well, there is one small thing you could do.  I need wood, so go beseech some from the Wood-Tribe.  You can stack it by the sauna, there.
  9. Egads!  Get these ghastly Wretches from my stoop and back to Wretchtown where they belong, I shan't touch them!
  10. A cocky Bird Folk mercenary is intentionally starting fights and then claiming the possessions of those he beats.  It might be best if you killed him.

The Fisher Kings

The Fisher Kings once ruled over the Great Graveyard, a fantastically dangerous place bordered by an upland marsh.  The Fisher-Folk were first to discover iron, and became master blacksmiths.

The marshes are inhabited by the Cat-Birds, numerous & prolific predators known to feed on Slimes, Jellies, Glow-Bugs, The Worm Which Flies, and aught else which comes to tooth.  They are unafraid of humans & will latch onto the face in order to suck the blood.

Bagi stride between the man-high tussocks, exhuding a soporific musk.  They are the Gentle Beasts of the Marsh, harmless eaters of pollen and strangle-ferns.  Their blood is nutritious if cooked.

So, too, do Yard-Long Crawlers move among the marsh, breeding where the brackish water meets the waving sea.  Their more dire cousins, the Death Crawlers, wend black & glistening through the water.

Where the sea verges on the sphagnum moss may be found crustacean and mollusk of every description, from the noble Nautilus to the loathsome Lophiiform.

The Tomb of the Fisher Kings is at the center of the Great Graveyard, which is North of the Upland Marsh.  It is beneath a blue slab stone in the center of an austere henge which summits a ridge.  An old woman can often be found nearby.  Nobody knows who she is, or how she is able to avoid or repel the many lurking monsters of the graves and hill-holes.  She is cryptic and knowing and kind and will always heal you.  her eyes are blue.  She is accompanied by 3 Lanterns which shed no light.  What purpose they serve is unknown, although she sometimes talks to them.  She can often be found laying white flowers on the great Tomb.

Many a Moth and worse wander through and under the graves.  A few insane, atavistic monsterfolk dwell in the hollows amidst the hills, and near the Tomb of the Fisher Kings are several freakish entities wrenched free from the Otherworld.

What lies within the Great Tomb of the Fisher-Kings, none alive may say.