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50%: A Minor Treasure
50%: A Piece of Crap

1. An amethyst ring.  The ring is old, tarnished sterling silver, the amethyst large.
2. A single gold earring, constructed of thin, fine filigree shaped into attractive patterns.  It is shaped roughly like a scallop shell and delicately detailed.
3. Two old, tiny brass earrings, each bearing an arcane symbol and three letters in an ancient alphabet.  Possibly valuable, possibly junk.
4. 1d12 large, dark, heavy old brass coins, a bit bigger than a quarter.  Each one is divided into four corners, making it easy to cut it into smaller coins if desired.  They are shaped as rounded squares or chunky circles. A worn pattern is repeated of curling lines like waves or a tattered cloak on both sides of each coin.
5. 1d100 new-looking thick silver perfectly octagonal Dwarven coins.  They are embossed on one side with a three-pointed star, like a diamond or a sun.  In small, finely stamped Dwarven runes it reads above the star, “Nekutlibash” and below it, “1406”.  Obviously only someone who knows the Dwarven script may read these marks.
6. A leather bag full of ground leaves of the purple spase-bush, worth its weight in gold dust.  The spase-bush is a rare living plant that eats small animals.  When eaten, its leaves and buds are well-known to produce pleasant hallucinations, heighten sexual performance, add an inestimable exotic quality to any food, and also extend the eater’s lifespan.
7. 3 cakes of vaulstone, the magic stone which produces pure water.  A single cake, when squeezed like a fruit, will drip potable fresh water.  It can produce about a canteen’s worth before running dry every day, and replenishes overnight.  It will run completely empty after about 1d20 such uses, but keeps indefinitely if not used and stored out of sunlight. Cracking the cake will create a miniature geyser or fountain of about 8 gallons of water, after which the pieces of the cake will be useless.
8. A burnished gold candelabra with 3 necks.  The terminus of each neck, where the candle is inserted, is a scowling humanoid face with a thick jaw and heavy brow. (actually a minor magical artifact, +1 to demon summoning if appropriately evil candles are burned in it)
9. A black thread necklace strung with three eyeballs that are so realistic they appear to be actual eyes.  On closer examination, they are made of opaque glass or perhaps crystal.  They are sickeningly realistically fashioned, even seeming to glisten with imagined viscera.  One iris is blue, the other brown, and the middle and largest is gold.  
10. A ball of crystal.  Inside it seems to shift and swirl with voluminous pastel gasses; gazing into it is entrancing.  Its use, if any, is unknown.
11. A necklace of 1d12 large gold coins strung together, each about half the diameter of your palm.  Each coin is convex and bears a different, quasi-heraldic symbol; a bear, a spread-winged eagle, a helmet, etc.
12. A glass vial that, on closer examination, is full of fresh blood.
13. A large, bulbous, gleaming gold nugget, worth at least a few dozen gold pieces.  Along with it is a map showing the  location of a secret gold mine in the Wildwood, along with an unsigned deed to said property.
14. A gold trade bar, stamped with the thousand-year old seal of the Immyrean treasury and a delineation of its weight and worth as 100 gold coins.  Unfortunately upon closer inspection, it has been shaved and hollowed to a fraction of its normal worth.  However, a careless merchant might not inspect it carefully…
15. 1d3 Zanzinean herbs, a strange coral-like growth found near the seaside in a certain part of Talhnim.  When placed on an open wound, the herb takes root.  It draws out pain and regrows the missing tissue, then later the user will cough out two smaller Zanzinean herbs.  The herbs take about 20 years to mature and are not generally useful when first expectorated, except as an exotic garnish for certain sea-food.  (If left near water, they may in time grow into usable plants.)
16. An antique, filigreed brass nameplate from a ship, with ornamentation of symbolic anchor and sextant.  The name on the plate is “Hesperus”; its origin is unknown.
17. A white rope noose threaded with silver.  Only a queen would be strangled by such an instrument.
18. A very thin scabbard fit for a stiletto.  Judging from the number of bare sockets, at one point it was richly bejeweled; now bare excluding 1d3 remaining small, pure emeralds.
19. A tiny, tangled, net-like bracelet interwoven with intricate silver rings. On one end is a small disk with a crude eagle stamped into it, and on the other a noose.
20. A curved golden hunting bow, dull and tarnished except for the scratched, clean strip of the string-groove. Seems not to have been used very often and was likely ceremonial.
21. A rude depiction of a grinning god, thrusting his pelvis into the air. It is made of some sort of black semi-precious stone, with intricate opal veins twisting around the unsightly body.
22. A large, polished chunk of Heaterstone, renowned for its ability to retain heat for days. Although upon first glance it is a metallic gunmetal gray, on closer inspection tiny writhing veins of light are visible. It is slightly warm to the touch, perhaps from a previous owner’s last usage. Common Heaterstones can be found above ground in certain places; the farther underground the stones are mined, the more heat they can store and absorb. Heaterstones have a high melting point and have been observed floating in lava with no visible effects. For this reason, they are commonly used by Dwarves in great quantities along with Meltstone as a smoke-free fuel source which can be heated up to incredible temperatures to fuel forges and warm the freezing underground caves of the Ice-Dwarves.  Some Hobbits and other slingers have been known to use fiery heaterstones in slings to add extra damage to the attack. This one can absorb heat up to the level of a medium campfire before reaching capacity, and gradually radiates that heat outwards over a course of 6 hours once removed from a heatsource.  If left in a potent heatsource too long, it will violently explode (1d20 Fortitude damage to anyone within 15 feet)
23. A  4-by-10 foot swath of the renowned Protoscan Purple silk, neatly rolled  and bound with a small gold clasp in the shape of a leaf. Such a wondrous and exotic luxury could fetch over 30 gold.
24. A fully intact skeletal hand, bound together and articulated with gold wire. On the index finger someone has carved a lightning bolt and filled it with purple dye.
25. A pair of black velvet slippers, ornamented with elaborate whorls of gold thread; fit for an emperor’s chamber.
26. A giant pelvis bone, coated in a Mountain Silver alloy and covered in simply-rendered depictions of battles and great hunts.  The leader of every scene is an enormous, bearded man wielding what seems to be a ship’s oar. A graffitist with an evidently  profound dislike for this person has transformed the hero’s weapon into a vulgar object.
27. A large glass vial filled with the blood of an Inkspider, which never fades. It is sealed with blue wax with the crest of an octopus.
28. A knobbled horn of some unidentifiable goat-like creature hollowed out and lacquered. It still bears the smell of stale foreign ale. The initials K.L. are neatly stamped into the steel endplate.
29. A red mercenary’s banner, torn and tattered, with the name Fredman Zanger displayed prominently. The flag seems to be very old and with a gentle tug will rip.
30. An ancient copper axe, from the early days of metalworking. Bound to a stout two foot yew shaft with leather straps, the blade measures no more than four inches long. Considering its obvious age, it seems to have been preserved remarkably well and is still sharp. Ancient runes dance along the blade. (Counts as Fighting Axe; 1d6+1 damage)
31. A five-pound keg of  Southland Pirate Quench-all.  It tastes foul and is exceedingly intoxicating, but if drunk over the course of the day, several canteen’s worth can replace a man’s need for solid food entirely.  If drunk in this matter, the keg contains about 2 day’s worth of rations.  
32. A strange Eastern doll depicting a frightening, large-headed god. Several small golden pins and clasps are attached to it.
33. A long, wicked, curved knife made entirely of one piece of jade. The hilt has a gruesome depiction of fork-tongued, bear-like animal on it. The sight of this knife seems to cause you to feel nervous and uncertain. Its age is difficult to guess, but you have a strange conviction that it must be unfathomably ancient.
34. A long, crude, black recurve bow, fitted on each end with a serrated blade. The Quragc smith who constructed it succeeded only in lessening the practicality of both of the weapons by trying to combine them.
35. Several hand-forged steel arrow heads in a thick leather bag, set with wicked barbs in order to make them harder to remove. Also included is a vial of the thick poison slime of the Holmberry plant, which causes intense pain and unbearable itching throughout the entire body.
36. A heavy, armored codpiece. It looks incredibly uncomfortable and reeks of beer.
37. A dark, musty, sealed bottle of brandy.  It is covered in ashes, but faintly legible is the inscription on the glass, “Ellehirrim, 990”.  Presuming that to be the date of distillation, that would make this brandy more than 1040 years old.
38. A tiny hourglass of Elven design. Runs out in only a minute and shows many signs of being repaired.
39. A well-made bronze throwing axe, richly decorated with a motif of suns and stars, with the inscription “Strike Hard”. Due to a hole near the bottom of the haft, experimentation shows that it makes a strange whistling noise as it flies through the air.
40. A gnarled walking stick of black oak, capped with gold at both ends.  Inscribed on it is the motto in gold letters, “I Smash All Obstacles”.  Radiates Transmutation Magic to those sensible to such things.
is actually: This is a sledgehammer +1. Once per day, it can hit something a
nd discharge both shatter and knock effects on it. Whenever it gets a critical hit, the target takes triple damage and destroys the floor in a 10' radius. If there is open space beneath, both the target and the wielder (usually) fall.

41. 1d12 silver-headed crossbow bolts in a black leather case.
42. A small glass perfume bottle filled with silver dust.
43. A thin gold ring.  The setting has a jagged rampart design, and it bears a large, green, flat chrysoberyl gem.
44. A single gold hoop earring.  Worth a coin or two.
45. A cut and polished blue sapphire about the size of your thumb.  Worth probably a pouch or more of gold.
46. An outlandishly huge gold hoop earring.  Worth a few coins to somebody with suitably flamboyant taste.
47. A broken silver ring.  Only the setting remains; the shank has rusted or snapped off and the large gem that once graced it has been prized out or fallen off.  1d20 tiny diamonds remain, however.
48. A gold heart, about the size of a fingernail and an 1/8th of an inch thick.  Delicate runework covers it, and in the center is set a tiny, deep red ruby.  Radiates subtle Enchantment Magic.
49. An earring consisting of a huge, tear-drop shaped sapphire.  A smaller emerald dangles from it.  Worth a large pouch of gold or more.
50. A gold earring in the shape of a stylized wing. Worth 1d2 coins.
51. A simple gold ring, consisting of two parallel bands. Worth 1d2 coins.
52. A tiny but flawless diamond, worth at least a few gold pieces.
53. A sharply-crafted silver ring, with an artistically stylized lidded eye on the center. Radiates mild Divination magic.
54. A large silver ring, set with an enormous flat piece of amber almost as long as a finger.  Probably worth a handful of coins.
55. A broken piece of unidentifiable silver jewelry, perhaps a bracelet or a barrett.  Numerous tiny diamonds and cylindrical pieces of lace agate lend it grace and the value of at least a gold pouch.
56. An outrageously ornate gold ring, fit for a queen.  Made of gold, 16 tiny pink rubies surround an enormous polished pink ruby nearly the size of your end thumb joint.  This item would buy a year’s worth of food and drink for a peasant family.
57. A dangling piece of jewelry of Elven make, perhaps originally part of a necklace or amulet.  About as long as a finger, it features delicate gold workmanship, with a symbol of a flower bud at the top, and a very intricate and life-like maple leaf at the bottom.  Inbetween are set two very large and beautiful pearls.  Something about this piece of jewelry makes you feel slightly sad; it reminds you of a loved one you left somewhere.
58. A banded silver ring set with a medium-size tourmaline, surrounded by ten smaller tourmalines.  Worth perhaps a few good, bright gold pieces.
59. A very delicate Elven brooch.  A Moonstone has been lovingly carved into the shape of a hideous cat.  Moonstone is a semi-transparent gem of lustrous, gray color.  The cat has diamonds for eyes and teeth.  The chain is  bright silver.  These types of jewels are often given from one elf to another as lover’s gifts, much as humans exchange rings.  Value: dangerously incalculable
60. A Northmann bracelet, with their characteristic whirling, interlacing endless knots, made of silver.  Of medium size, to fit the wrist of a normal man.  Worth a pouch of coin.
61. A heavy gold ring of several loops of twisted gold.  Worth its weight.
62. A very valuable brooch, consisting of whirling golden floral shapes.  Three flowers grave it, and the petals of each flower are made of emerald.  In addition, six smaller emeralds form “buds”.  This treasure would easily be worth a good-sized pouch of gold.  
63. A strange, oversized, chunky sterling silver ring depicting a fierce dragon.  The dragon’s eyes are worthless red quartz, but in its mouth is clutched a valuable piece of polished jade.  Radiates Evocation Magic.
64. An unidentifiable piece of jewelry, perhaps a brooch or amulet.  It consists of “knotted” gold bands, forming loops not unlike eight radiating nooses.  In the center is a large pearl.  Three smaller, tear-shaped pearls dangle from it.  Worth probably a pouch of coin and a little more.
65. A bronze soldier’s medal, won for valor in combat.  It depicts a roaring lion.  Around the circumference of the round medal, it reads “Awarded for Gallantry in the face of Overwhelming Danger.  1004.  Stahl.”  Value unknown
66. A gold pin earring.  An unbelievable small and utterly realistic hummingbird has been fashioned on it, perhaps by hands smaller than a human’s.  The tail and wings are made of bright Lapis Lazuli.  Worth a great deal to the right collector, perhaps to the tune of a box of coins
67. A gold pin with a sparkling tiny diamond.  Worth a handful of coins, perhaps.
68. A small pendant, perhaps once part of a necklace.  A large piece of amber set into a silver backing.  Worth a few coins.
69. A well-fashioned gold bracelet with a working clasp and hinge.  Very fine and attractive patterns, floral and geometric, decorate the outside.  A fine gift for a lady or a man.
70. A strange but ornate brooch which depicts a bundle of wheat tied with a ribbon.  Dozens, maybe hundreds of miniscule rock crystals are set all along its length.  Worth 1d100 coins to the right person, or an enormous debt to someone who returns it to the Clergy of Kos
71. A small, cheap gold earring.  A setting once held a gem, but it has been prized out.  Worth not more than a coin.
72. A delicate, very fine silver chain.  Along the chain is set pieces of irregular but attractive polished jade.  Purpose is not clear.
73. 1d4 small statuettes carved of the whale ivory most commonly found in the Southlands.  They seem to depict small spirits or deities of some kind, but what exactly is not clear; their design is abstract and only vaguely humanoid.  The workmanship is chunky and unrefined, but possesses a certain, primitive grace.
74. A small, solid gold statuette of a mirthful god.  He is utterly bald and his stomach huge and round.  He seems to be laughing with the utmost jollity; overall a charming piece of religious paraphernalia.
75. A large, wide Northman bracelet.  It is made of silver, but most remarkably it is set all across with mammoth ivory, incredibly rare even in the cold North country.  A beautiful and unique piece of jewelry fit for a thane’s wife.
76. A large, gaudy brass hoop earring, perhaps worth a cup of a stew or a night’s rest.
77. 1d10 strange, flat, thin gold coins in an oblong oval shape.  They bear a snake twisting around a sword and markings in a language you do not recognize.
78. An apparently unworked piece of polished gold, crescent-shaped and about the size of a fingernail.
79. A large, heavy gold cross of the type symbolic of the Church of Paidu.  This is a holy symbol to those who worship that God, or the Great God sometimes known as the King of Kings, whose worship is mostly ubiquitous in the Inner Sea.  Crosses such as these are sometimes awarded to those who perform generous deeds for the Church, or as gifts to young people on their way to service in the Church.  Worth perhaps a small or medium pouch of coin.
80. formaldehyde shark
81. cloak made out of purple monkey skin
82. A beautiful worked silver brush, with bristles of white horsehair.  Fit for a young Lady or Princess; worth at least a pouch of gold.
83. A Northman brooch in the shape of a hunting horn.  The horn itself is silver marked with runes.  Precious amber and whale ivory alternate bands on the horn’s length, and at each end it is capped with a large pink pyrope.  A princely gift.
84. A length of silver chain, worth perhaps a coin or two.
85. A strange, small gold pendant depicting a trumpet with a wolf’s head glaring out from it.
86. A black cord, from which hangs a single onyx rune along with a small golden representation of a man in a burial shroud surrounded by strange symbols.
87. - 100: 1d100 USEFUL COINS! of the local financial/administrative powers

1. Three eagle feathers tied together with string
2. Bear claw necklace
3. ragged belt
4. tattered beltpouch
5. stone possibly in shape of arrowhead
6. 5 finger bones in small drawstring pouch
7. rabbits foot
8. 1d4 small brass keys to unknown locks
9. small solid rubber ball
10. 1d3 broken candles
11. 1d8 polished sea-pebbles stuck to the side of a leather pouch
12. A bone knife handle covered in beaded wire
13. Deck of cards missing 1d20 cards
14. Small brass bell
15. A piece of beach-glass
16. A wooden ring box
17. A small metal paint brush
18. A pinch of tobacco in an oilskin pouch
19. A thick piece of rope with a circular bell at one end
20. A set of badly loaded dice
21. A small piece of pink soap
22. 1d8 iron nails
23. Quill pen and a shred of much-scratched over vellum with vague notes
24. 1d8 pieces of string of different colors
25. 1d4 pieces of crumbly white chalk
26. A glass vial full of dead stinkbugs
27. A small, rusty copper whistle
28. 2d6 pieces of variously colored worthless glass
29. 2d6 small pieces of worthless rock crystal
30. A clay mug
31. A tangle of copper wire
32. Black cloth badge depicting a red raven, torn off a uniform of some sort
33. Mummified lizardman tongue
34. Small wooden humanoid statuette, perhaps a toy or a primitive idol
35. Rusty, badly corroded iron pauldron from a set of armor
36. 1d6 steel pins
37. 1d3 partially melted wax squares
38. A small hammer and 1d4 thin cobbler’s nails
39. A poorly-rendered sketch of a minotaur
40. An animal’s skull (roll to determine type – dog, leopard, bear, carnivorous goat, fanged impala, giant bat)
41. Bag of 2d10 glass marbles
42. Broken pieces of a mirror
43. A spool of black thread
44. A carnivorous goat’s hoof
45. Small, bent iron knife
46. Dried wild-poxies
47. Glass prism with a string attached
48. A glass vial full of nail clippings and some whole fingernails
49. Dried hunk of beef
50. Glass vial of dead fireflies
51. Clay jar of sulfur
52. 2d4 walnuts and 2d6 broken walnut shells
53. Paper pouch of seeds (sunflower)
54. A pair of withered goblin’s ears strung on a black string necklace
55. Dried snake’s head with glass eyes
56. Red leather pouch of red sawdust
57. Pouch of dried peas
58. Large, convex piece of yellow glass
59. Scented, squat pink candle
60. interesting-looking piece of natural copper
61. Impala antler
62. Dented and battered tin cup
63. A tangle of copper shavings
64. An incredibly sticky and dirty coin, with a grinning head on both sides
65. A miniature game piece in the shape of a horse, whittled out of maple.
66. 1d4 bone fish hooks
67. a crumpled and treasonous pamphlet accusing the Sword-Lords of Restov of unsavory misdeeds.
68. Several dead wasps
69. A cork smelling of wine
70. An entire peel of an orange, all in one long strip.  Smells like orange.
71. A greasy piece of vellum that smells like turkey
72. A rain-ruined love letter.
  1. Lead bolgs - worse than worthless to anyone except Trolls
  2. Copper Coins - basically worthless
  3. Paper notes - worthless except as tinder
  4. Stone rings strung on a cord - Heavy and worthless