Monday, December 26, 2016


The Belluk is a type of ravenous beast which is indigenous to the hinterlands, wastelands and the Slumbering Dunes. It is a mammal (hairless) which always bears live young and is the natural enemy of the Dog, the Dog-Boar and the Tiger-Dog. It is carnivorous but is fearful of men and camels. Its natural prey include the Fanged Impala, the Horned Mountain Crab and the Carnivorous Goat. It will sometimes follow caravans at a distance, and has been known to beg hand-outs by approximating human speech. Its words are hopelessly garbled, like a bad radio transmission. They form mated pairs when the Blue or Red Moon waxes, and separate soon after.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

great post from Necropraxis about "Kingdom Death"

"The world of Kingdom Death is an endless plain of stone faces lit occasionally only by lanterns. Why? Where did the survivors come from? Who knows? Despite the detailed and baroque monster design, all three of these franchises also have an ultimately restrained sensibility that rests more on mythical resonance than raw newness. None of the three franchises are shy about recruiting cliches, but the cliches are never used thoughtlessly and often adjusted (though never entirely subverted, which I also appreciate).
For example, the background text for the Black Knight, previously a collectible model but being developed into a game expansion in the current Kickstarter:
They say if you take a lantern that never lit down the trail of corpses and past the whispering stars you will find an ancient figure atop a crest of determined faces. Treasured by a hidden cult of loyal squires, the figure will awaken for only the most honorable of challengers. For generations, the Black Knight has unknowingly defended a settlement of people hidden in the ruins of its home."