Wednesday, December 16, 2015


When coming into town, each Player rolls a 1d3 to learn a piece of news in the course of normal chitchat: 1. BAD 2. GOOD 3. SUPERNATURAL


  1. "The Great Wolf Ornlu is definitely dead.  Yesterday, Greysword bisected a dire wolf with his Silver Sabre.  It didn't turn to fog or nothin'!"
  2. "Word is spreading fast - the Trade Route back to Orleg's is open again!  Some prospectors and trappers have already returned with fine goods from the Southern Wildwood.  Perhaps soon the caravans will come again!"  
  3. "The Mud Tribe reports that their stupid little green sticks are growing again.  I traded them 14 barrow-fulls of fish offal for a fine pot.  They were happy to carry it for me!"
  4. "Too bad Sir Roderick went south to Oleg's - he had such a patrician nose.  But before he left, he told me he planned to fortify it - and to bring in more of the Swordlords' men and his fellow Red Knights!"


  1. "Whilst grinding a tankard into an oafish face at the Hall of Blood and Mead, I saw Hooded Hunters and Lumbermen stabbing and hacking each other in every corner.  The floor-planks were well sotted with blood - they bring violence to a whole new level!"
  2.  "Rumbles from the North - apparently bands of insane cultists and chaos monks have become a serious presence in the area.  Plus, on clear nights you can hear the giants playing their boulder-games.  Seems to me they're getting closer."
  3. "It's no secret Restov wants its grimy mitts on Amble Edge, and all the Wood.  Well, they're in for a fight."
  4. "More and more people disappear in the Greenbelt - it didn't used to be like this.  I don't know whether it's Fair Ones, bandits or the Stag King - the forest itself...


  1. "The AXE-WITCH made one of her few appearances.  She fluttered around the Old Oak seven times counter-clockwise, casting useful objects and dead leaves to anyone who cared to watch. Greysword and his Seven followed in formation behind.  Then, she shrieked to the south and threw an axe impossibly far before vanishing into her oak like a raven."
  2. "I caught a Twk-Man of the Wood Tribe while hunting, and bartered with him.  He wanted metal weapons, and I refused, but then I offered him a cube of salt and he offered me a map to treasure.  Wanna come?"
  3. "There's a bunch of weird dwarfs in the town square, buying a bunch of supplies.  They said they were searching for some kind of magic gem, and kept clammering about "effecting adequate repair" for their "dirigible".
  4. "I noticed the Old Widow Ymae making a finger sign at the Old Oak, and cackle.  Then, she squatted and pissed.  I got out of there quickly."