Sunday, November 27, 2011



the Common Weather in Kos

1 - Light, drizzling rain whips across the plains.  Dense mist in the lowlands and uplands.  Wending sleeves of fog through the forest, with intermittent showers
 2 - Wretched downpour.  Thankfully shortlived
3 - Sun burns coldly in a cobalt sky.  Scudding, flat, piled cloud formations.  Moon grins wickedly
4 - Sun beats down with oppressive intensity.  No shade to be found.  Tiny clouds move erratically
5 - A cool wind whips errant leaves.  Scents are brought from far locales and distant climes
6. Whipping rain out of a breathless, overcast sky.  Sun shines brightly through the clouds.
7. Clouds stacked pile upon pile in the distance by the mountains, in endless rank and formation.  Nearby, scalding, soaring sun
8. Greenish sort of mist & rain.  Pale, golden light filtered through the clouds like a sieve
9. Umbral gloom.  Howling, echoing wind.  Occasional shafts of light.
10. ???

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