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some players sometimes wish to play Tolkien-style Dwarves.  here are some options for stuff that come from the nordic mythology


Dwarven Names: Dvalin (“the sleeping one” Dvale = sleep, led dwarves to new home in

the sand), Motsognir (“battle-roarer”), Durin, Lit, Fjalar, Galar, Alvis (“all-wise”), Eitri,

Brokkr, Hreidmar (greedy father of Otr, Fafnir, and Regin, loved gold and gems, chained

3 “gods” [demons?]), Alfrik, Berling, Grer, Fafnir (powerful arm and fearless soul,

owned Aegishjalmr, guarded Hreidmar’s hoard, strongest and most aggressive of the

sons, conspired with Regin to kill Hreidmar to get the Andvarinaut, greatest Dwarven

crime of all, turned into Black Dragon as punishment somehow??  Killed by Sigurd), Otr

(son of Hreidmar, could turn into an otter and gobble fish.  Killed by loki for some

reason, Hreidmar demanded Loki fill his skin and cover it in gold, but a whisker was

exposed so Hreidmar got Andvarinaut too.  Eventually caused him to be killed by his

other two sons) , Regin (wise and craftful, built Hreidmar’s golden house.  Conspired

with Fafnir and killed Hreidmar; Fafnir then turned into a dragon and chased him away.

Regin went and lived amongst humans, and taught them how to do basically everything.

Trained Sigurd to kill Fafnir and built him a magic sword which broke, then reforged

Gram, Sigurd’s father’s sword.  He learned from Fafnir that Regin planned to kill him

and take the gold so he killed Regin), Mimir, Andvari (could turn into a fish, lived under

a waterfall, cursed Andvarinaut when Loki forced him to give it up), Aldberich (king of

dwarves, jealously guarded his treasure, killed by humans), Alfr, Gandalfr, Vindalfr,

Bilis, Bliant, Gribalo, Glodoalan, Sindri, Ivaldi

“The Mountainhomes”: Nidavellir

Dwarf Artifacts: Tirfing (sword, cursed to kill every time it is drawn, will cause 3 great

disasters, “shines with fire”, golden hilt, never misses, cuts stone and iron as easily as

clothes, never rusts), Skioblaonir (folding boat, big enough to fit an army, fair wind will

always follow it, can travel over land or water), Gugnir (spear, “Unwavering One”,

always hits its target, ), Draupnir (golden bracer, infinite wealth; every nine days it

spawns another 8 golden bracers), Mjolnir (warhammer, “Mealer”, adds damage to

blows, always hits, adds distance, can shrink, comes with magic belt and gauntlets).

Andvarinaut (produces gold, brings destruction for those who own it), ægishjálmr (can

turn wearer invisible), Ridill (sword), Hrotti (sword), Gram (sword, "Wrath", can cleave an anvil in twain [ignores armor saves?], destroyed by Odin in "wandering spear-wielding douchebag" form)

“The Spine Mountains”: Harz

“Vaettir”: common magical race from which dwarves, elves and giants are descended

“Earth”: Heimar

Aettir: family/clan

Alfar: Elves

Jotnar: Giants

Nair: dead/death

Nisse: Undead

Draugr: Dwarven Evil Ghost

Dvergar: Dwarves

Dvur: Dwarf

Gullinbursti: magical boar

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