Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tomb-Runners of the ENDLESS, RUINED CITY of KOS

There is no food in the Endless City, so most of the Tomb-Runners are cannibals.  Each group will have at least 1 or 2 sets of carving knives.  If you can’t go on, you feed the team. Weapons tend to be axes or cleavers; labor and war.  Parties will carry pry-bars, hammers and spades for entry-work and entrenchment.  
Mostly, though, they load light and stay moving.  To barricade for long in the Dead City is to die.  
Most Runners favor thick leather boots and long gloves; the dead and the snakes and the dogs are most likely to catch limbs.  All clothing is muted and form-fitting.  To this ensemble is sometimes added leathern knee and elbow pads, and a protective jack-coat or tunic.  Some mount breastplates, for added defense against the stray bolt or pike of a Soldier-Morths.  Sometimes an open helm is worn, but rarely.  

In general, wounds are either minor or lethal.  Sight, sound and stealth are more important than protection.  Most Runners embrace this.  They live within death’s embrace; every day, the dust of millions of people passes through their lungs.  They are ashen-faced and speak little, even to one another.  Most will have secret, inter-party hand signals and calls.  They are a uniformly gray-faced people, teeth clogged with the flesh of each other.  Sometimes people come here to die.

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