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Monsterfolk, Sapient
Found in: Caves, Deep Forest, Ruins
Academic Name: Unknown

MONGRELMEN resemble small men, covered in parti-colored fur, with long bare fingers and a lemur-like face.  Quick moving, they covet shiny objects.  For unknown reasons, they especially value crystals and gems.  They like to nest in groups with a communal stash of treasures.  Their lairs may be high up in places hard for most humans to reach.  They sleep curled up in balls.  Hard to hit but easy to kill.  Because they are physically impuissant and meek by nature, they are often found bullied into the service of more powerful monsters.  Unless under the leadership of more belligerent creatures, they prefer parleying to fighting, though they possess an irrepressible urge to purloin goods.  Potential diplomats would be well-advised to check their pockets after any dealings.  They may be very eager to acquire glamorous gems, and will readily barter for them.  When they do have to fight, they always prefer to do so from ambush.  Their culture has no concept of personal honor, and they will attempt to flee if quickly outmatched.
There are no Mongrelman heroes or magicians, because they consider having low POW to be wise and good.  Sometimes, though, a shamanic leader will arise.  They will probably be armored, unlike their kin, and may have a collection of items which can create magical effects, but will evince little interest in commanding their kin or consolidating power beyond the collection of valuable objects.  Their language consists entirely of borrowed sounds from animals and other monsters - bird whistles, rodent chatter, canine barks, etc.
They can mimic sounds, and modulate their voices to incredibly loud volumes (125 decibels or more).  Common tricks include reproducing the sounds of more dangerous monsters, or imitating distressed allies in order to lure foes into ambushes.  Can “see” in darkness using echolocation. 
They are 4 -5 feet tall and weigh ~80 pounds.
HP: 6
AC: 14
Attack: +2 shortswords/daggers/missile weapons; +1 everything else
Damage: 1d6

+6 Stealth
+6 Notice
+6 Pickpocket
+4 Climb
Mongrelmen can camouflage themselves by rubbing dirt into their fur, raising their Stealth bonus to +11 in a suitable environment if they have time to prepare themselves and make an effort to hold still.
Sensitive hearing:  Double damage from sonic sources.  May be disoriented by loud noises (eg war-shouts, clanging shields, etc)
Not affected by loss of eyesight.

Most carry shortswords; some also carry short javelins or curved wooden throwing-sticks (all do 1d6 damage - javelins/throwing sticks have 15 ft range)

No. Appearing:
Pack 1d4
Band 2d4+2
Family Group 3d6 + further 50% young and invalid

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