Saturday, February 4, 2012


Monsterfolk, Semi-Sapient
Omnivore (prefer flesh)
Found In: Caves
Common Name: WENDIGO
Academic Name: Unknown
WENDIGOS are generally shy and retiring creatures, but fond of human flesh.  They look like brown Wampas.  They are not very intelligent, and will usually concentrate attacks on one opponent.  They hate the sunlight, and only lair in dark caves, which they leave at night to hunt.  They will attack anyone entering their den, but will not pursue outside of it.  Their normal diet consists of nocturnal animals and cave-animals, but they are capable of surviving off tubers and fungus.  They are afraid of fire and magic.  Foolish adventurers may mistake a WENDIGO lair for a bear-den, but Wendigo lairs have a particular musk.  They are the size of a grizzly bear or Big Foot. (~7.5 feet tall, ~400 pounds)
HP: 21
AC: 13
Attacks: +3
1d8+4 damage
Hugely strong: +5 to strength checks of any kind

No. Appearing: Solitary
Occasionally, a powerful overlord will capture several for use as labor or defense.

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