Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a few notes on the GOD KOS


Kos is the god of Stoicism.  He teaches people to work to change the world around them a little at a time.  He is a River God.
In good years, he will flood at the right time and the Red Wheat will grow healthily for the year to come.
In poor years, he will flood too early or too late, or spread too thinly causing drought, or spread too thick and cause destruction.
He is said to have strange Elfin maidens who control the floodgate of the Great River Kos which leads to the Conduit of the Great Glacier.
The King of Kos was once the incarnate representative of Kos on Earth.  Now, the King is dead (or missing).
Nobody knows if Kos is dead or not.  He may or may not have caused the Great Cataclysm.

the symbolic drowning
the true drowning
the serpent's bond
the salmon's pilgrimage
the wolf does not speak
the dog owns nothing
the praise of the nautili
the praise of the great pike
the stoic's burden
the gauntlet is thrown
the blood and the water
the death of the faun


Hermitic Wanderers
Drowned Ones
Battle Chaplains

The Ancient Keepr of the Temple of Ghosts at the City of Par-Kos-Now-Ruined possesses the Ghost Sword.  The Ghost Sword will make a man mighty, if it is his destiny.

There are 4 other ACCOUTREMENTS of KOS.  Legends say whoever collects all 5 will re-unite the Shattered Land of Kos and become the new King.
THE MAGIC THRONE, upon which only the king can sit, and which does other cool stuff too.  Said to be located at the TOWER at PAR-OSS, once the King's favorite vacation spot
THE MAGIC MIRROR, which always reflects what is true.  said to be possessed by the Wolf-Lord of Ar-Arak
THE MAGIC JEWEL, which heals any wound.  Location unknown.  The Royal Dragon might know more, or perhaps Agni, Ring-Giver and Fire-God, who lives in south-eastern Kos, or perhaps the Trader Jon Mith, who always travels and knows many esoteric legends
THE MAGIC MASK, which always foils a traitor.  said to be possessed by one of the Drunken Lords of Loe

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  1. This is good stuff, I'm glad your posting again now and then. I'm not posting much myself, but I have been playing pretty regularly!