Friday, March 29, 2013

some FEATS

Each feat must be learnt from a person who already knows it.  The cost of training depends on the trainer but is generally 100-200 for a simple feat,
and as much as 20 years of service for an awe-inspiring one.  Sometimes feats can also be learnt from ancient texts or strange magic visions, etc
Only PERSONS of ACTION (not PERSONS of LEARNING or PERSONS of the GODS) can learn these feats.
You can know any amount of feats, as long as you meet the requirements.  

the Salmon Leap - Req: Fight 13 a leap of incredible distance and/or height

the Weapon Feat - Req: Fight 12 perform incredible weapon dances / tricks / juggles.  amuse onlookers,

the Great Toss - Req: Fight 12 hurl a very heavy object, or a smaller object very far

the Iron Hands & Feet - Req: 14 End plunge hands into boiling water without harm, dance on coals, etc

the Incredible Juggling - juggle whatever

the Hero's Chant - Req: Pow 13.  inspire allies, banish all fear of death, dismay weak foes

the Battle-Howl - terrible scream frightens enemies, effectiveness based on Fight of character

the Perfect Shot - Req: Agl 18+, Fight 18+, this is the goal of all Northmen.  the Perfect Shot is the one shot which always succeeds and always pierces, no matter the distance.

the Feat of Thunder & Lightning - Req: Fight 15+, Pow 15+.  clashing of arms cracks the sky and terrifies everyone, causes flying creatures to fall and blinds the weak

the Squirming Feat - Fit through anything the size of your head!

the Trick of Walking on Eggs - Req: Thievery 13

the Feat that Dazzles, like the Sun - Req: Pow 17.  Shock enemies by revealing your total majesty.  inspire awe in your followers such that they bow at your feet

Endure Labor - you can just work endlessly.  when the sun beats down and when the whips are cracking you can just fucking take it.  no problem.

Sober Up / Sober up Another - the seemingly magical trick of appearing sober when confronted with danger or authority figures.  Can also be applied to others: symptoms of substance abuse are reduced by -1 every turn spent slapping and pouring water on the target

Always Awake - also known as "Soldier's Eye" or "One-Eye Trick".  Use normal rules for surprise at all times, even while sleeping or otherwise engaged

Splendid Amongst the Glorious - Req: Pow 18+.  Men gladly follow you into the maw of death.

The Wolves' Lope - Req: End 14, must be lightly encumbered.  Loping run conserves energy while doubling normal overland travel speed

Torch Trick - hold a torch and a shield at the same time, keep torches from going out during battle

Fire Trick - start a fire anywhere!

Graceful Slayer - when fighting, swap Agility and Fight any time you want

Corpse-Reaver - Fight 14+.  Enemies are terrified by your horrifying bloodlust / martial accomplishment.  they must test for morale every time you kill someone

The Stomping Trick - Favorite trick of Blood Bull God!  wild stomps and leaps encourage friends, amuse onlookers, harm foes based on Fight of character.  a true devotee can stomp through shield-walls and crack the earth with his mighty stomps

these feats can be combined - for example, a warrior with the Iron Hands and the Salmon Leap could run across the tips of spears

this list does not include most of the Archery feats except for the Perfect Shot (the most well-known one)


  1. This is a really interesting way to add some personality without the usual baggage of feats - I like it.

    Also I really want Corpse-Reaver for my bone woman fighter.

  2. thanks man! i'm glad to hear you liked it. i love hearing comments and stuff