Tuesday, March 26, 2013


these songs must be learnt individually.  when a song is performed, it will produce one or more effects on the audience.  effects are listed below.  a talented musician will produce strong effects; a poor musician may produce opposite effects

the uplifting tune (common, simple) - generally hummed or whistled loudly by multiple people.  bolsters morale.  calms stress.  makes work pass easily.  defuses angry situations.  makes people willing to work together.  makes people willing to die for greater cause.

the remembering tune (uncommon, moderate difficulty)- sung quietly, sometimes accompanied by percussion.  brings back memories of the past.  these memories may be wistful or bitter.

Remember Krynn! (uncommon, difficult) - generally chanted loudly, often to musical accompaniment.  fosters gung-ho attitude.  reduces fear.  inspires acts of heroism.  popular with kings during feasts etc

lullaby (common, simple) - induces tranquil, healing sleep

Where is That Page? (rare, simple) - helps find lost pages in a book or manuscripts in a library.  brings unbidden memories to mind and aids in lateral thinking.  Helps find a lost object or search a location when hummed quietly.  allows musician to automatically remember details learnt earlier in the campaign but which they may have forgotten

sing away the fear (uncommon, moderate difficulty) - the more people singing, the less any of them feel fear

harmony song (uncommon, difficult) - multi-part harmony grows stronger with all who sing it; coordinates efforts and aids in mental intuition between people

the 77 Work Songs of the Red Boatmen (uncommon, moderate difficulty) - sung and chanted loudly.  makes work productive.  helps endure tedium

the Mindless Marching Tune of the Legions (uncommon, simple) - makes the miles pass without effort

the Song for Fathers (common, moderate difficulty)- simple percussive rhythm.  each person has their own song about their father.  if you had a weak father or a poor relationship, this song will make you feel worse.  if you had a strong father and a good relationship, it will inspire you to follow in his footsteps.  people who knew one another's fathers can aid in constructing a single melodic harmony.  very effective in strong communities

the Step of the Sun (common, difficult) - very fast and difficult to sing; requires musical accompaniment for best effect.  induces frenzied excitement, lust, and great zest for life.  popular among common folk

the Challenge Song (uncommon, moderate difficult) - requires vigorous stomping or percussive backing.  insults an enemy.  creates anger in them.  excites a crowd.  bolsters oneself or a friend who is duelling.  if you sing this song and lose the challenge, you will look doubly foolish.

the Sad Song; the One which is only a Reflection (rare, requires incomparable skill) - generally performed solo, before an attentive audience.  this song inculcates incomparable melancholy in a willing listener.  it hearkens them to all bereavements and those things which are irreconcilable with daily life.  perhaps the greatest song of the hideous age of Ruined Kos.  anybody with the slightest melancholy of soul will be profoundly moved

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