Saturday, February 4, 2012


Animal, Semi-Sapient
Found In: Forest, Wasteland, Mountains, Caves, Swamp
Academic Name: BUBO

FROG-DOGS are voracious predators.  They have a tendency to swallow whole and think later.  Despite this, some of them are actually alarmingly intelligent, and capable of setting up ambushes and coordinating group attacks.  It is unknown if they have any societal structure or culture to speak of.  They have extremely strong jaws.  They mostly subsist on lizards, giant insects, and small mammals, but will readily go after larger prey.
FROG-DOGS do not mate as normal animals do.  They are born from eggs lain by FROG-DOG QUEENS, which are enormous and corpulent.  Not all FROG-DOG colonies have a queen, but all large ones will.  FROG-DOGS will fight to the death to protect their queen, whereas otherwise they are inclined to withdraw when severely wounded.
FROG-DOGS who have been "spayed" by having their spear-tongues and fangs removed are sometimes kept as pets.
They're the size of a very fat and oddly shaped large dog (~3 - 4 feet long, ~60-75 pounds, with some large specimens growing up to 6 feet and well over 100 pounds)
HP: 11
AC: 13
Attack: Spear-Tongue +1(10 foot range) or Bite +2
Spear-Tongue 1d6+1, Bite 1d10+2

BUBOES have an 8-foot tongue coiled within their cavernous mouths, which is tipped with a barbed piece of cartilage.  They can extend this to attack foes, and if it hits, they can pull the foe towards their mouth, Scorpion-"Get-Over-Here"-style.  The target must make a Violence Power check at -3 or be dragged 5 feet closer to the FROG-DOG each turn.  The tongue can be severed to break the character free; it has an AC of 15 and 1 HP.  If the tongue is severed, obviously that toad can make no more attacks with it.
BUBOES are naturally camouflaged and receive +4 to hide when lurking amongst rocks or in underbrush.
BUBOES have sticky-padded "hands".  +8 climb, can cling to ceilings and walls with ease.

No. Appearing:
Small colony - 1d4
Medium colony - 1d8, 15% chance of QUEEN
Large colony - 2d10 + QUEEN

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