Saturday, February 4, 2012


Bleed-Through from Between-Worlds (low level)
Common Name: SLITHE
Academic Name: PHLOGISTON
SLITHES are a substance or creature from the Gap Between that has assumed a semi-corporeal existence in the material world.  They are believed to be a very basic manifestation of that realm, or perhaps part of the realm itself.  Like all Bleed-Throughs, they are antithetical to all physical matter; in the case of SLITHES, they "eat" it away by touch.  In the material realm, their state seems to act something like a liquid, which will move downhill unless otherwise arrested.  Thus, they are often found in pits or water sources.  They are drawn to organic creatures, and will move towards them.  They eat away all materials, but more solid, dense material seems to take longer to dissolve.  They can lie on stone, for example, for years without significantly damaging it.  Water also seems mostly insoluble with their nature.  Substances dissolved by a SLITHE will break down in fractal patterns as the component molecules cease to exist.  A creature wounded by a SLITHE will not suffer burning or abrasion; the portion that touched the SLITHE will simply cease to exist, revealing a perfect cross-section of veins, muscle-fiber, fatty tissues, bone, etc.  They are nearly invisible on land, and appear only as a blurry, mostly transparent smear of dark gelatin.  In water, they are visible by the water that they displace.  They can also be detected by the smell of ozone that accompanies them.  They are plainly visible as faintly glowing, amorphic plasmic shapes to those with Witchsight.  They cannot be harmed by physical means - any weapon used to attack them will pass right through and be eaten away.  Only magic can harm them, or abjuration by a cleric.  They're totally amorphous, but occupy a volume roughly equal to 2 or 3 gallons of water.

HP: 5
AC: None (Magic Missiles and such will automatically hit)

Creatures being attacked by a SLITHE must make a Skill save to avoid touching it.  The first time it touches the creature, it will dissolve whatever armor they wear.  The second time and each time thereafter, it will deal 4d4 damage.

No. Appearing: Solitary, or 1d3
Every once in a while, a huge congregation of 10d12 will be found oozing across the landscape (very rare)

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