Thursday, February 9, 2012

When I ran this segment...

When I ran this segment (KOHLE, the GRAY MAN of the WEST), there were three PCs:
RODERICK, a pathfinder and outdoorsman human from Kos's distant past.  Skilled with spear and sword.
RICKERT, a rodent-man and peddler.  His pockets were numerous and his skill with the spear passable.
SALDER the OX, a huge, strong and very stupid human from Pilgrim's Passing.  He preferred a giant club.

Here's what happened:
Rickert easily crept up on the inattentive Alligator-Man sentry and slaughtered him.  The group crept around the outside of the House, and Roderick climbed up onto the roof.  Using tufts of long grass handed up to him by Rickert, and with the help of some alchemical torches purchased from PIKU in town, he lit a fire atop the roof, and then leapt down.  The trio attempted to hold the exterior door closed in an attempt to burn everybody inside alive.  Screeching and howling gave hints to the pandemonium taking place within amongst the Mauristatia.
Unfortunately, fire burns upwards, so the trade house was mostly only filled with smoke.  KOHLE and the remaining Alligator-Man attempted to force the door open.  When that failed (due to the combined strength of the PCs), they took out their weapons and hacked it down in only a couple of turns.
The trio of PCs formed a semi-circle around the door, and managed to get the drop on the smoke-blinded bandit-gang in the initiative roll.  The Alligator-Man quickly went down to a spear-thrust from Roderick and a skull-crushing blow from Salder's club; Rickert tried to jab KOHLE but his spear slid right off the man's strange skin.
As the maddened Mauristatia attempted to break down the interior door trapping them in the smoke-filled Trade House, KOHLE lashed out with Tulwar and slashed Salder across the chest, doing some damage but failing to put him to sleep.  The trio and the bandit traded blows - Roderick and Rickert gored him with their spears, and KOHLE continued to attack Salder but was unable to connect.  Salder's swings were likewise parried as the two giants went toe-to-toe.
The next round saw KOHLE go down to two well-aimed spear-thrusts by Roderick and Rickert, just as the Mauristatia succeeded in breaking down the interior door and swarmed out into the entrance hallway.
Rickert and Roderick formed a shield-wall in the doorway and set their spears to receive a charge, while Salder stepped back to light some more alchemical torches, hoping the beasts would be afraid of fire.
Rickert sliced open the humped back of one creature with a spear-thrust.  Roderick skewered another beast through the neck, but his weapon became lodged in the creature and this provided a third Mauristat the opportunity to seize the man's arm and bite into it like a leg of turkey.  Meanwhile, Salder, slow and clumsy even under the best of circumstances, failed to get the torches lit.
Roderick bashed the creature gnawing at his arm with his shield, dealing good damage and forcing it to let go in a spew of broken teeth and blood.  Salder finally managed to light the three torches, and Rickert dropped his spear and was handed one.  Roderick left his spear embedded in the thrashing corpse of the Mauristat and drew his sword, his arm bleeding badly but still functional.  Salder hurled the last torch at the horde of the Mauristatia, hoping to scare them, but it had little effect.
The trio elected to execute a fighting retreat - Rickert brandishing his torch, Salder wielding a torch in one hand and club in the other, and Roderick bringing up the rear.  They headed for the River Kos, assuming that the holy waters would prove an effective barrier to the Mauristatia.  With the entrance clear, the Mauristatia quickly flooded out into the countryside - only a few following the wounded heroes, including the several that had been wounded by the party members.  The one that Roderick had smashed in the face charged the group, blood streaming from its nostrils and cracked fangs, but Roderick hacked it to the ground with several savage sword-strokes.

Now began a running battle through the wheat-fields outlying the River Kos, as the party struggled over rough terrain to reach the water, and an unknown number of Mauristatia trailed them.  The party lit several backfires with their torches in an attempt to scare the Mauristatia off; nonetheless, it proved only partly effective and Roderick was scratched and bitten when shrieking lion-rat-ape-wolf monsters lunged out of the wheat and roiling smoke at him.  A few minutes later, another Mauristatia leapt onto Riderick's back, and severely wounded him by a bite to the neck.  Salder attacked it, hoping not to hit his friend in the tumult.  He scored a critical hit, and sent the monster flying through the air, broken and lifeless, before landing with a thud somewhere out of sight.
Finally, after a tortuous 20 or 30 minutes of hit-and-run combat and grueling  physical exertion, the party emerged on the banks of Kos and waded into the water up to their necks.  This measure proved effective - the Mauristatia seemed unwilling to venture into the river, and after some desultory screeching and hurling of stones, they disappeared into the wheat.
The party could hear the beasts howling up and down the countryside, sometimes nearer and sometimes farther.  They began to get cold, and with Rickert in seriously poor condition, decided to make a run for the Old Trade House, where they could fortify their position and care for their wounds.  They took off into the wheat fields, and (luckily) encountered no Mauristatia, although they heard their howls and shrieks all around.  They quickly looted the bodies of KOHLE and his Alligator-Henchman, discovering the key to the iron chest, and taking the sword Tulwar.
They discovered that the roof had caved in during their absence, and quickly set about barricading the structure with pieces of wreckage.  Roderick dragged KOHLE's corpse inside  for reasons that would later become apparent.
They elected to hole up in ROOM 4 and barricade the door.  Using some still-flaming remnants of the ceiling, they heated a knife and cauterized their wounds to prevent infection - all except Rickert, who was teetering on death's door and was deemed too weak to withstand cauterization without the possibility of going into shock.  They dressed their injuries in the cleanest cloth they had, then Roderick left the room to enact his plan.
Fearing a trap in the iron chest, he tied the key into KOHLE's rapidly stiffening hand, then used the corpse's arm to open the lock.  The trap sprang and pricked the hand of its' deceased designer, doing nothing.  Roderick collected the loot and retreated to ROOM 4, where the team licked their wounds until morning.

Salder found that he had learned something about using clubs, and Rickert and Roderick also learned how to use spears a little better.  In addition, Roderick gained ability with swords.  Salder also learned to keep a cooler head under pressure, and so gained +1 to Fieldcraft.
Amazingly, none of them suffered from the hallucinogenic effects of Mauristatia saliva!


  1. Outstanding! I wonder when we will hear the legend of Red Rolph Stomphouse and the serial-burrow murderers?

  2. fear not; their story will be told

    actually i kinda forget half of what happened maybe we can collaborate some time and try to erk out a blow-by-blow