Thursday, February 16, 2012


Animal, Unintelligent
Found: Everywhere - primarily Caves, Forests
Common Name: LOWDER
Academic Name: BATHO-NOMOUS
Large, vibrantly blue pill-bug-like creature, the size of a toddler (~2 feet long, ~35-40 pounds).  Moves mindlessly in search of small prey and forage.  LOWDERS pack a powerful magic attack that wallops enemies using concentrated sound projected from their thorax.  The sound is deafening and the vibrations sufficiently powerful to cause blunt trauma.  LOWDERS are not aggressive towards humans or other large creatures, but will attack if threatened.  Their carapaces and innards glow brightly in darkness.
AC: 10
HP: 5
Attack: Wallop +0
1d6+1 (Attacks the legs of a normal-sized standing human; optionally: struck creatures may stumble, fall or damage knees/shins/ankle. Generates loud noise.  30% chance of causing deafness)
Deafness duration, 1d6:
1-2. 1d4 turns
3-4. 1d4 minutes
5-6. 1d4 hours
Bio-Luminescence: brightness of a candle.
+8 climb.  Can cling to ceilings and walls.

No. Appearing:
1d6 small swarm
10d3 colony

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