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People from Kos tend to have dark hair and light eyes.  This trait is most typified in the people of Northern Kos, who tend to be tall, pale-skinned and have very dark hair.  People from Eastern Kos tend to be shorter and darker-skinned, often with brown hair, sometimes with orange hair.  People from Western Kos often have brown hair.  People from Southern Kos tend to be slender, darker-skinned and dark-haired.  The people of South-Eastern Kos are accounted most beautiful, and the people of South-Western Kos are known to create music of incomparable emotion and artistry.  Of course, these are all generalizations, and people of any size and complexion may be found anywhere.
This is the default assumption for Player Characters.
People from Kos cannot survive for long in the Mountain Country.  Something poisons them and causes them to die.
Sometimes, Men of Kos will travel to the Mountain Country when they feel their time has come to die.  They are accorded great honor.

The Mountain-Tribes dwell in the Mountain Country, East of Kos.  They were mostly unaffected by the Cataclysm.  They are hunter-gatherers, noted for their climbing ability.  They trade with the People of Kos (whom they call the River People), and sometimes descend from the East to adventure.  People of the Mountain-Tribes tend to most resemble humans from our world.  They can be any skin coloration, but many have dusty-brown hair and eyes.   Many are tall, but some are also short.  The only main characterization is that they tend to be physically fit - very few Mountain-Folk are fat.

Barbarians, or Par-axians, come from Barbarian Par-Axe.  The people of Par-Axe are nomadic herdsmen. Their appearance varies based on which nomadic tribe they come from.  The default assumption is the Dog Tribe, who tend to be of average size, with a medium complexion, bronze hair and an unfortunate predilection towards insanity.
Barbarians worship different Gods than Kossites and may have strange customs.  They tend to have natural  affinity with animals.  Impala People are very short, have very dark skin and very little hair.  Llama People are tall, have medium complexions, dark hair and large noses.  Bison People have dark complexions and very dark or blonde hair.  The Sable People have black hair and tend to be tall, with ruddy or pale skin.  These are just some examples.

About the People of the Holy Countries, nothing is known.  It is said they swathe themselves entirely in shining gems, fabulous silk and pearls of the richest luster, so that it is impossible to see their features.  Other fables are even stranger.  The TRADER JON MITH might know more.

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