Monday, March 12, 2012


Because armor in Kos appears in so many types and combinations, it would be a futile effort to attempt to categorize them all.  Instead, armor is as follows:

Common Garb: +0

Traveler's Garb: +1
Thick Garb: +2

War Harness: +3, movement rate decreases by 1
Heavy Harness: +4, movement rate decreases by 1

Panoply of War: +5, movement rate decreases by 2
Full Panoply: +6, movement rate decreases by 2

Traveler's Garb
Cost*: 30 Lunars
Encumbrance**: 1 Item
Movement***: -0
A thick cloak, a layer of fur, swathes of silk, a pauldron and loincloth with warrior's rings, or light leather clothing - any or all would qualify as traveler's garb, and provide minimal protection with maximum ease of use.

Thick Garb
Cost: 80 Lunars
Encumbrance: 2 Items
Movement: -0
A leather fighting-cape, padded armor, thick leather jack and breeches, swathes of fur - thick clothing with an eye towards protection, like motorcycle leathers in the real world.  This is the most that a wizard can wear without suffering terrible consequences when casting spells****.

War Harness
Cost: 400 Lunars
Encumbrance: 3 Items
Movement: -1
A light breastplate, a thin chain-hauberk, a metal-lined half-cape and warrior's fighting-torques, sturdy baldric and open helmet, etc.  This is common apparel for a warrior, and will mark one as such.

Heavy Harness
Cost: 850 Lunars
Encumbrance: 4 Items
Movement: -1
Breastplate with greaves, pauldron and helmet; doubled chain hauberk; coat-of-plates with tabard; for those who desire safety on the battlefield and have the strength and wealth to bear extra protection.

Panoply of War
Cost: 1100 Lunars
Encumbrance: 5 Items
Movement: -2
Partial plate armor; war-cape, closed helmet and arms thick with fighting-torques.  This is the accoutrements of a knight or warlord; field-ready combat armor designed to provide protection against multiple attackers and missiles.  

Full Panoply
Cost: 4000 Lunars
Encumbrance: 6 Items
Movement: -2
Full plate armor.  Closed helmet with protective plume, coat of plates, thick fighting torques on arms and legs and back-banner.  This is the accoutrements of a master of the shield-wall and a baron of corpses. 

*: All costs are entirely approximate and may vary by 10 - 200% or more
**: "Maximum Items Carried" is equal to Endurance.
***: Movement rates are as follows:
0: Immobile
1: Encumbered
2: Bulky
3: Normal human rate
4: Wolf
5: Horse
For every 2 points above 10 Endurance, you may discount one point of negative movement.
If Wizards are reduced to Bulky movement, they will suffer terrible consequences when casting spells****.

****: you don't want to know what these are.


  1. "****: you don't want to know what these are."

    Of course I do!