Monday, March 5, 2012


Common Name: CAVE-ANGLER
Academic Name: LOPHIIFORME
Found In: Caves
Cave-Anglers are a common sight in wet caves throughout Kos.  These amphibians have glowing appendages which exert magical attraction on those who view them, causing the victim to foolishly head towards the light and wait to be bitten.
The normal prey of the Cave-Angler is unfortunate small rodents, lizards and floating shrimp, but it is perfectly willing to try anything. If it accidentally attacks a large animal outside its prey range (ie, a human ), it will let go and attempt to escape.  Too late for the unfortunate human to avoid being bitten, though - the Cave-Angler's teeth are numerous and wickedly hooked, and its mouth more than large enough to accommodate a hand up unto the wrist.

13 AC
1 HP
Attacks: Bite +0, +6 versus hypnotized characters
1d4 damage
Special: Hynposis
Creatures looking directly at the Cave-Angler must save vs POW at +1 or else become hypnotised and spend their following turn attempting to move to the Angler and present the most convenient extremity to be bitten.
Once the Cave-Angler has made a successful bite, it generally scurries away in search of smaller prey.
No. Appearing: 1

I stole this idea from an excellent post on the "Dungeon Dozen" blog, found here
strongly recommended


  1. Awright, this is too cool. Say, I'm putting together a mini-monster manual zine-type supplement that will feature a bunch of hinted-at creatures from my Dungeon Dozen blog. Would you consider letting me use this write up?