Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Elves, dwarves, fairies and gnomes are all the same thing.

1. Tiny (dragonfly-sized) - roll 1d6 for Violence Power
2. Diminutive (1 or 2 feet tall)
3. Dwarf (Tolkienic proportion)
4. Dwarf (Fairy-Tale proportion; small squat body with huge head)
5. Same size as a human
6. Taller and thinner than a human

Physical Characteristics
All elves have pointed ears.
1. Albino
2. Extraordinarily thin
3. Huge eyes
4. Indistinguishable from human
5. Pale green skin
6. Winged
7. Iron is poison
8. Crave salt
9. Made of wood, with leaves or grass for hair - +2 AC, double damage from fire (and horrifically afraid of it as well)
10. Frog-face
11. Grasshopper legs; can jump great distances and play violin-like music with limbs
12. Extraordinarily long, skinny nose
13. Insect antennae
14. Shocking beauty
15. Metallic eyes
16. Body appears to be one gender, but voice or face is another
17. Human, but for small horns on the forehead
18. Extraordinarily squat and lumpen, with no neck
19. Wears a peaked red cap and curly-toed shoes
20. Goat legs allow use of the Salmon's Leap ability

Special Power
All Elves have Witch Sight.
1. Masterful tinker - able to repair anything, and to create objects of otherwordly and exquisite beauty, along with objects of incredible grotesquery.
2. Swordsmith - able to forge magical fairy-swords
3. Flower Power!  Able to work strange magic with flowers, causing them to grow at extreme rates, give forth intoxicating nectar, or make them do anything else the player or DM can imagine
4. Woodshaper - able to sing to wood so that it becomes as supple as butter, to be carved into fantastic new shapes.  Can sing a bow or sword of incredible power out of a tree, and can sing ammunition from the forest.
5. Able to disappear from sight at will
6. Knows 1d4+1 Wizard spells
7. Able to sing an enchanting song that causes members of the opposite gender to become hypnotized.  Repeated exposure causes them to fall hopelessly in love.
8. Master Weaver - able to weave substances that could not normally be weaved - gold, the down of baby owls, straw, moonbeams, the skin of mice, etc
9. Can speak the language of all animals.  Although most animals are very wary of Elves, birds and insects will obey beck and call
10. Fairy-Musician - plays pan-pipes, harp, fiddle, or some other instrument.  Music varies from melodic and enchanting to frantically dischordant.  Has the ability to force others to dance by making a Contest of Wills; if it is a failure, that target cannot ever be forced to dance.  This ability only works on sentient creatures.

All elves must be referred to as "FAIR ELF" by other species, or else a TERRIBLE CURSE shall be enacted.

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