Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Submit your drink and I'll add it to the LIST of DRINK RECIPES if i think it's good

Get all the booze you have (beer, liquers, hard stuff, everything) together and put it in a dark cupboard, or, preferably, have a friend do it for you. Blindfold yourself and reach inside. You must pull out 3 different things. Then, unblindfold yourself and behold - you must mix those three things in equal measure and fill your goblet. Drink greedily ; drink deep

THE ABORTION (the official house drink of my house in college)
if you use that green hot sauce it's called an ALIEN ABORTION

Submitted by Kyle McJuicy:
Hot Poops
Fireball whiskey chased with bushe tall boys or pabst blue ribbon

Submitted by Rabid Dinosaur:
A few weeks ago I concocted The Caramel Ass:
1 part Buttershots
3 or 4 parts rum

I remember nothing about that evening except for short windows of vomiting, but they were pretty delicious.

Submitted by Skittlebrau:
Mexican Hot Chocolate

3 Parts chocolate liqueur
1 Part cinnamon rum
Jalapeno slices, canned or fresh.

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