Saturday, March 10, 2012


Bleedthrough (low-level)
A Morth is an evil spirit inhabiting the body of a dead man.  Generally slow-witted and violent, they have an impulse to murder.
Morth characteristics (for those who are desirous of such things):
1. Rubbery, slimy amphibioid flesh
2. Sloughing, rotten flesh
3. Distended, hanging maw
4. Huge, staring lamp-like eyes
5. Long, multi-jointed, grasping arms (can attack from 10 ft. away)
6. Long talons (1d6 damage unarmed)
7. Produces an eerie gobbling noise 
8. Constantly growls and wheezes low in the throat
9. Grizzled, milky appearance, as of someone who died of frostbite
10. Shambling gait
AC: 12 (unarmored) or 13 (tattered armor)
HP: 11
Damage: Crude weapon or claws: 1d6 or 1d4

Morths can detect living beings at a distance of 20 feet, and will move to engage.  Their movement is generally slightly slower than that of a living man.  They are too unintelligent to make use of cohesive tactics or traps, but they will use whatever weapons are close to hand.  They can be destroyed by hacking to pieces, but any remnants capable of clutching (head, hands) will remain "alive".  Only by removing the ability to clutch (destroying the fingers, shattering the skull to pieces, removing the jaw, etc) can they be permanently destroyed.  
Morths generally dully enact whatever functions they performed in life - for example, a Morth who lived as a brigand will lie in wait for travelers, kill them and hide their wealth.  A Morth who lived as a laborer will continue to mindlessly stack stones atop one another until his fingers wear to dust.  Morths can sometimes be observed communicating with each other through vague moans and babbling, but what (if anything) they are capable of conveying is beyond the knowledge of living men.

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