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Sapient Humanoid
Omnivore (prefer meat)
Found In: Plains, Forests, Caves, Settlements
The MYREAUTHOGUE are large, beastly humanoids resembling a cross between an ape, a wolf, a boar, and a man. They range from squat, short beings the size of a chimp to massive monsters the size of a wagon. They have large, canine ears which can swivel independently, heavy brows, long snouts, and mouths full of fangs. They highly prize arms and armor. 
Myreauthogue worship entropy, in the form of a great maw which devours all "food".  "Food" in the Myreauthog vocabulary is defined as anything and everything.  Varying forms of important food are the saints and demi-deities of the pantheon.  
The religious center of Myreauthog life is the butcher's pit, which is never empty and surrounded by totemic ancestor-masks.  These masks must constantly be fed with dripping meat to ensure continued survival and prosperity of the Myreauthog race.

The Great Lords of the Myreauthogue are indeed terrible folk, rising to massive size through conquest and tyranny, for a Myreathog’s size is highly variable and mostly based upon his thirst for power.  They are fell and terrible lords, who demand much from their minions.

Myreauthogue gain +1d6 Violence Power and +1d6 Endurance, but this only persists as long as they eat five times the normal amount of food that a human would require every day.  They vastly prefer that this food take the form of fresh meat, but their bodies are capable of ingesting any organic material (grass, bones, paper, etc).  If they are unable to consume meat, they instead require about ten pounds of vegetable matter to supply their extremely rapid metabolisms.
Myreauthogue cannot increase their physical attributes through training as humans and most other races do.  Instead, they grow in size and strength as they become more masterful in battle.  Every time a Myreauthog survives a bloody battle, subtract his current Violence Power from 50.  The result is his percentile chance of increasing in size.  If he increases in size, over the next several days he will grow and gain +1 to Endurance and Violence Power.  Every two times he grows, he will require an extra days-worth of rations every day from that point onwards.

10% of Myreauthogue display strains of mutation.  1% display two or more.
(roll 1d6)
1. Winged Myreauthog
Wings allow him these Myreauthogue to glide for short distances - about 50 ft. from a high vantage point.  They may safely descend from any height, as long as they have about 10 ft. of space to unfurl their wings.
2. Charred Myreauthog
Blackened fangs, red fur, and a smoky stench are clues to the ability of these Myreauthogue to belch flames in a 10 ft. gout, dealing 1d10+1 fire damage (or half for a successful Speed roll).  They prefer their meat charred.
3. Gape-Jawed Myreauthog
Cavernous mouth lined with shark-like fangs gives these creatures a powerful bite dealing 1d8+3 damage.  Myreauthogue with this attribute are considered blessed by the Maw, for it allows them to consume food at a truly grotesque rate.
4. Horned Myreauthog
Cannot wear normal helmets, but can head-butt enemies dealing 2d4+1 damage.  This attribute is seen as a mark of virility amongst Myreauthogue.
5. Giant Myreauthog
Some Myreauthogue are subject to giganticism and reach heights of over 12 feet.  Add an additional +3d4 to Violence Power and Endurance, but Giant Myreauthogue require 10 times the daily sustenance of a human, and tend to unfortunate stupidity.  They are viewed as very valuable by other Myreauthogue for their excessive strength.
6. ???

Least Myreauthog
These are the omegas of the Myreauthogue pack; young adults who have not yet survived to any great size or accomplishment.  They are clad in the most rudimentary of pelts and wield rude clubs and spears; any metal they own will be prominently displayed.

Medium Myreauthog

Large Myreauthog

Great Myreauthog

Myreauthog Chief

Myreauthog Lord

Great Myreauthog Lord

Chaplain of the Maw

Great Chaplain of the Maw


  1. This is great. I agree very much with the spirit of this; that the boring old brutish humanoids can be made interesting, scary even, with just a few details and tweaks.

  2. Thanks boss! yes i agree. brutish humanoids are perhaps my favorite types of monsters and i like to have all different types