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KOS: Player Species & Epithets

Player Races (d100)
1 - 50: Human
51 - 54. Baboon
55 - 57. Badger-Folk
58. Bear
59 - 60. Crocodile-Man
60-65. Dwarf
66-67. Horse-Head
68-69. Hyena-Man
70. Giant Spider
71-72. Jackal-Man
73. Land-Octopus
74-75. Lion-Man
76. Minotaur
77-78. Mongrel
79-80. Myreauthog
81-82. Newt-Folk
83-84. Rodent-Man
85-86. Toad-Man
87. Wendigo
88-89. Wolf-Head
90. Wolflord
91 - 95: Goblin
96 - 100: Fair Elf

Humans are common folk in Kos, so they use epithets or nicknames to identify themselves.

Epithets (d50)

1. The Free Lance
You start with saddle, saddle blanket, saddle bags, bit and rein, and also a ten-foot-long lance of your choice of description.  Last, a light horse trained for combat.  You know how to ride it and use it in battle.  Give it a name.
2. Hawkeye:
You have exceptional eyesight.  You are able to see about 8 miles on a clear day, make out fine details and give accurate descriptions at 200 feet, and read small print at a distance of 20 feet.  You very rarely miss visual details and are also excellent at detecting and tracking motion.  You also have a 50% chance of actually having one or two (determine randomly) avian eyes, which is rather disconcerting to others.  You gain a +1 bonus to using ranged weapons, among many other obvious practical applications
3. Berserkergang: see rules for Arduin berserkers
4. Eye for Animal-Flesh: When buying or selling animals, adjust the price 20% in your favor.  You will always be able to pick the best animal out of a group.  You also know how to keep animals in top condition, and can treat ailments such as scrofula, rickets, etc
5. Pathfinder: you never get lost.  You can also predict what the weather will be.
6. The Baleful: You can give the “evil eye”.  This intimidates enemies or NPCs in a variety of bizarre ways that are basically up to the Player and the DM to determine.
7. Witchsight
You can see one plane more than you would otherwise be able to - ie, a normal person is able to see onto the Second Plane, a wizard could see onto the Third Plane, etc.  It is very difficult to use illusion magic on you.  The Church of Ido will not be favorably inclined to a character with this trait.
8. Strider
You move 1 category faster than normal at all times - so if you would normally move at a “Bulky” rate, instead you move at an “Unencumbered” rate.  If you would normally move at an “Unencumbered” rate, instead you move at “the Wolf's” rate.  If you would normally move at “the Wolf's” rate, instead you move at “the Horse's’” rate.
9. Feckless
 You will never be cursed, and can use cursed items with impunity.  You will still recognize an item as cursed if you wield it, but it will not affect you.
10. Soulless
You have no POW score, and, indeed, no soul.  You are visible on other planes only by the negative space you occupy, like the shadow of the moon.   You have no pupils or irises.  You are immune to spiritual possession, and cannot possess others.  You are also unable to feel genuine emotions, and may have difficulty imitating them.  Animals or people with Witchsight find your presence profoundly unsettling, but Cross-Dimensional Flotsam may not be able to detect you at all.  Choose an ability score - reduce this score temporarily when casting spells (with all associated effects on spell power), as you would otherwise for POW.
11. The Squirrel: You can climb with inhuman alacrity and grace (+5).  You have weird, long toes.
12. Third Eye (fully developed)
You gain the ability of the Evil Eye trait, the Third Eye (unfully developed) trait, and +3 levels of Witchsight.  The Church of Ido will consider you a potential messiah, but if you scorn them, they will instead view you as an anti-messiah deserving of unrelenting enmity.
13. Third Eye (unfully developed)
33%: You have a tattoo of an eye on your forehead, which functions as a real eye.
33%: You have a dark hole in your forehead which leads directly to your brain or perhaps another dimension.  Moving lights are sometimes visible by others within it.
33%: You have an eye embedded in your skull, somewhere beneath your forehead.  Trepanning your head to expose the eye may unleash extra powers.
1%: You have the Third Eye (fully developed) trait.
In all cases, you have the powers of the Eye are as listed below.
The Eye gives you an extra level of Witchsight.  The Eye can also be used to entrance and hypnotize others at a Contest of Wills +10 in your favor, if the other person is looking at your face.
14. Bombheart: Grants no extra modifiers, but if you are killed in battle, your heart will explode and shoot shards of stone in every direction, causing massive damage (13d6) to those around you.
15. Honeytongued: Everybody believes you when you lie.  -2 to resist poisons.
16. Shriven: ??
17. Unbeliever: +1 weapon skill with Short Swords.  -1 damage from miracles and magic.  You are disinclined to worship any god, but this has no in-game effect.
18. Shieldling: +2 weapon skill with spears; -1 damage from arrows and other ranged attacks (not including magic)
19. Stone-Man: You are born of the rock, and every night you dream of mountains.  +2 Toughness, +1 VP.  -2 vs. spells, potions, etc that cause sleep, hypnosis, paralysis, hallucinations.
20. O‘Mauristat: Descendant (or one) of the few survivors of Mauristat.  +1 with all ranged weapons, and the shit that you’ve seen has left you immune to hallucinations, insanity and confusion
21. Mead-King: You can out-drink just about anybody.  Double your Endurance for the purposes of reducing the deleterious effects of alcohol or alcohol-like poisons.  You are also a border-line alcoholic, who finds himself compelled to  follow up any offer of free booze and any drinking challenge.  You also have a beer belly.
22. The Traitor: +1d6 with weapon of your choice.  You can’t sleep at night - you appear constantly tired and haggard.  There is only a 30% chance you actually gain “rest” effects when resting.  You have the feeling something awful is after you.
23. Canny - Add 1d4 to your choice: Thievery or Fieldcraft.  Your appearance is ill-favored.
24. Crow killer (or Hawkslayer) - you can hit a bird out of the sky with ease.   +2 to ranged attacks, and no penalties for hitting small or quickly-moving targets.  Bird-folk despise and fear you, and many will seek you out to peck you to death.
25. Axe-Job: +1 attack & damage with Axes.  You start with a large battle-axe, which you should name (samples: “Wound-Shovel”, “Lop-Limb”, “Brain Biter”, “Bloodsplash”).  You have a bad reputation.
26. Sword-Work: +1 attack & damage with Swords.  You start with a sturdy war-sword, which you should name.  You have a bad reputation.
S27. Horse-Leg: You have 1d2 legs that are strong to a truly, abnormally, visible degree.  You can dish out a kick that deals 1d8+3 damage (even if you have 2 Horse-Legs, you still can only kick once a round).  You can run pretty fast and perform the Salmon Leap even if you don’t meet the normal requirements.  If you can bring your legs to bear (ie, squat in order to lift something, push or drag, etc) you can add half again your Violence.
28. Bronze: +2 attack & damage when using bronze weapons.  You are highly conductive to electricity.
29. The Shepherd: Animals are gentle in your presence.  -1 when attacking people of your own race, or any females.
30. Whorebane: +1 with your choice: Daggers, Short Swords or Long Swords.  You absolutely hate women.  You are also secretly somewhat sadistic and lack any real moral compass.
31. The Malicious: +1 with your choice of nasty weapon.  You can automatically kill a downed enemy with one blow.  You have a penchant for torture.  You will stop at nothing.
32. The Careful Victor: You know how to pick your battles, and it won you glory in a critical juncture in the past. You start with a good reputation.  Start with 3 carefully-selected items of your choice, and +2 POW.
33. Sly Non Nye, Who Loves to Steal Pies
34. Daring Dan Dimplecheeks, Who Lost It All and was Cursed 3 Times - DM determines one curse, player determines another, player & DM flip for last
35. The Peddler:  Your “peddling” was just a cover for your thieving operation.  Double your Thievery skill when opening locks.  In addition, gain +10% value in your favor when selling items.  You can also, incidentally, repair small dents in armor and common household items.  You can also carry an extra 3 items.  You carry 4d2 keys that you don’t know what they fit.  You have a horrible fear of ever damaging your fingers.  -2 POW
36. Darkstar: you can see in the dark, but are very susceptible to bright lights.  strange, glowing dark eyes. +1 POW
37. Iron: You have a special affinity with iron, and gain +1 when using weapons ,made of this metal.  Alloys do not count.  -1 vs. magic saves
38. Boldhelm
39. Murk-Lurker: +1 stealth, +1 damage with Swords, +2 damage FROM missiles or spears, and you are immune to poison gas.
40. O’Longport: Descendant (or one) of the few survivors of Longport.  +1 Short Sword skill, and you can speak the language of monsters.
41. Stumpen:
1. A spiked mace (+1 damage but you lack a hand)
2. A sword (“)
3. An axe   (“)
4. A flail (“)
5. A living snake (1d4+1 damage + venom.  Can grasp shit but you lack a true hand)
6. Crossbow
42. Squire: You were born to be a Red Knight of Kos.  Your family held true to the old traditions, or maybe you‘re more like Don Quixote.  You start play with a helmet and combination of armor equal to Heavy Chain.  You also get a heavy shield, plain or emblazoned with whatever you like, and an antique and priceless war-sword which gives +1 to attack.
43: The Philosopher:  You must seek the Philosophers.  Knowledge and debate are your passions.
44: Fanatic
1 - 3: Religious
5 :     Knowledge
6:      Other
1: Kos
2: Io
3: Blood Bull
4: Iron Lord
5 - 6: Other/Player’s Choice
1. Historical
2. Magical
3. Theology
4. The Great Cataclysm
5. The Endless Lands
6. Other/Player’s Choice
1. Treasure
2. Women
3. Alcohol/narcotics
4 - 6: Player’s Choice
1% chance of being an actual Lunatic
45. The Scavenger: Go through the equipment list and pick an amount of Items (as in, by weight) equal to your Thievery score.  You can’t just have it all be gold.  Also, you’re just good at finding shit.  +1 to rolls during times when you’re just rolling to find something by random chance.
46. The Ox - You grew up hauling ore or hewing logs.  Add 1d6 VP, and double the amount of items you can carry.  You are also quite stupid.
47. The Barber - The type who‘s also a surgeon, dentist, etc.  +1 with knives and other short blades.  You know how give a damn good shave, and how to slit a throat pretty quietly.  +4 to healing attempts and you start with a very sharp razor
48. The Executioner - you have the skills of a man trained to execute criminals.  +1 attack & damage with Two-Handed Swords and Two-Handed Axes.  You know the basic methods of construction and operation of gallows, pyres, etc.  If you strike a Critical Hit, there is a 40% chance that you will simply kill your opponent in one blow.  Regular folk are terrified of you.
49. The Gambler - good at gambling and addicted to it.  you know how to cheat & win.

This is a work in progress so there are some missing numbers

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